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Christmas party hair ideas from Swindon hair stylists in Highworth

Karoliina Saunders - 25/11/2016

This week, the expert hair stylists at our Highworth hair salon in Swindon have been looking at some of the best Christmas party hair ideas from our collection of top hairstyles and favourite looks for the festive season.

The first look, pictured below, was taken direct from a hairstyle created by Creative Director Karoliina backstage during the recent selection of shows she worked on at London Fashion Week.

The hair was lightly defused using sea salt spray, to create a slightly tussled wave and then piled up softly. Products used included Label.m Seasalt Spray and Hairspray – both available in-salon, with a preparation time of roughly 45 minutes for the overall look.

To recreate this hairstyle at our Highworth hair salon would cost from £25 to £55, depending on the level of hair stylist providing the hairstyle.

Christmas party hair ideas in Swindon from Karoliina Saunders Hair Design

Our next favourite Christmas party hair look for the festive season in Swindon is a low, sleek ponytail with a plait. This is one of the hottest looks this season, and the picture taken below was another example from London Fashion Week.

The hair is prepped with volume mousse to get rid of any kinks or frizz, then pulled into a tight ponytail and plaited. It’s a strong and simple look.

Products used included Label.m volume mousse, hairspray and shine spray – all available in-salon, and took roughly 30 minutes to create the look. To recreate the look in-salon would cost between £25 and £55, depending on the level of stylist working with the client.

party hair ideas in Swindon from Highworth hair salon Karoliina Saunders Hair Design

The third hairstyle is called the Bardot Beehive, and has been particularly popular this Autumn. It can be altered to suit slightly shorter hair.

The hair was blowdried with volume mousse, and then texturising using volume mousse at the roots, with slight back-brushing. The hair was pulled back to a ponytail and secured with elastic and pinned. Hairspray finished the look, with volume mousse, texturising volume spray, and hairspray being applied.

The preparation time for the Bardot Beehive was between 45-60mins, with the in-salon cost for this party hair look being between £25 and £55, depending on the stylist working with the client.

party hair ideas from Highworth hairdressers at Karoliina Saunders Hair Design

To see some of our gorgeous hairstyles and get some inspiration for party hair this festive season in Swindon, please visit here.

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